nurse and patient reading

“You all are doing a very good job, the place is beautiful, keep up the good work.”
Wilma T

“I came here in 2010 and have been completely satisfied with the service!! I have made many friends and enjoy the socializing that I get rather than being at home alone. I enjoy the many activities that are offered.”
Mrs. Annie L.

“My mother was a resident at Heritage Manor Opelousas on the skilled unit after having a stroke. She was there for therapy and now lives an active life at home. She recommends the facility to all of her friends. The staff took wonderful care of her and our family is very satisfied.”
Sheila T.

“I have been in three other nursing homes, and this is the very best. The staff is very helpful and friendly. We have a beautiful home to live in and it is always kept clean.”
Joseph B.

“My daughter has been a resident for years. I can sleep well at night knowing she is being well taken care of. She loves it here and calls it her home.”
 Annie K.

“My husband of 67 years is a resident here. When I take him home for visits, he will ask to be brought back to the nursing home because he calls this his home. We have had nothing but wonderful care. I have gotten close to many of the residents that live here.”
Mrs. Emeritte D.